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In India we have many handicrafts and handloom made in rural areas where people can not reach them due to busy lifestyle.This is just an effort made by Waycrafts.com to feel and live Indian handicrafts and arts at your doorstep.By this Waycrafts.com believe that the artisans weavers of handicrafts and handloom will get identity and reward for their work.Whole world will know their efforts which they take to maintain Indian culture and handicrafts.

The crafts of India are many and various, rich in religion as well as history. Indian crafts of each state reflect the impact of different empires. Handicrafts are unique expressions and represent a culture, tradition and heritage of a country. WayCrafts brings you all Indian traditional handicraft products at very affordable price.

Our vision is to become a global source of designer handicrafts and handpicked ethnic apparel that enhance one’s life. Our aim is to showcase true colors of Indian culture and embraced by people of all ages, religion and regions. All of our products goes through multiple quality inspections to ensure highest quality of the products. Our team personally monitor end to end activities to make sure the products you receive meet your expectations.
We are also dedicated to encourage craft traditions of India, helping the artisans, craftsmen & craftswomen to make an unique identity.

Choose from our various range of products categories:
1. Apparel
2. Home Furnishing
3. Home Décor
4. Paintings
5. Paper Products
6. Jewellery
7. Accessories
8. Organic Products
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